OXM Application – FF13

Here’s the review of FF13 I wrote as part of my application to be OXM’s staff writer last month. I thought it was pretty good, then I noticed three typos and some word reuse. The abyss. They’re fixed now.

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Far Too Many Words About A Blizzcon Schedule

As is likely obvious to all, I’m a big ol’ Blizzard fan. I follow their news, I play their games, I read the books in their universes. I also buy their livestreams of Blizzcon, because it’s a couple of days of entertainment and spending money for material gains is a society-imposed method of enjoyment.

Every year they put out the schedule a few weeks before the main event itself, usually providing a few tiny hints as to what the major announcements of the show will be. Having now attended one and religiously locked eyeballs on the others, I’ve gotten used to reading this and gaining some enlightenment from it. This year’s is very weird.

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Let’s start with a proviso: Titanfall is my sort of game. It’s bombastic and quick, rewards reaction time and knowledge in equal proportions but doesn’t require a lengthy period of beating my head against obscure mechanics or extreme difficulty. More than that, it does a good impression of being specifically tailored for me: sci-fi, giant robots and a comically low regard for the sanctity of life. I’d probably be having a good time even if it was shit and if that makes you want to take what I have to say with a grain, heap or truck load of salt, you should do.

That being said: fucking hell. Like, fucking hell.

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Rezzed 2013: Icefishing

Icefishing is, without a doubt, the trippiest game I’ve ever played. It begs for additional inebriation of the player, such that even the mundane elements of its insanity are heightened and brought to the fore. In every element that such would assist, however, there are yet more where only confusion would reign. Played normally, with full attention, I constantly wondered how much effect my actions had, whether I was the trigger for the chaos around me or if it was simply happening naturally and I was a mere observer.

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Rezzed 2013: Shadow Warrior

Shadow Warrior is an accurate rendition of what thousands of parents see when they observe their young ones playing video games. It’s a crazy chaotic mess of first-person blood, guns, swords and swearing. Everything well-meaning, concerned adults were and are assuming video games are all about. There’s no deeper meaning or greater aim, just an endless spree of monsters and villains, all too fragile on the other end of blade and bullet. Which, here, is brilliant. Shadow Warrior is an epitome of the gore-splattered, ridiculous sub-genre of FPS that still subscribes to the Doom principle of health pickups, stacks of weapons and enemy types beyond another Russian with a different shade of Kalashnikov. It’s a satisfying and fun explosion of colour in a world overtaken by pseudo-realism and squad-based cover shooting.

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Trouble in Terrorist Town

The first Glasgow University Vidyamagamz Society (AKA Pause Gaming) PC LAN of the year was last weekend and, as always, it was a fucking blast and I’d recommend it to anyone living in Glasgow – we’re not too bothered about your student status so long as you’re a decent human being and pay like everyone else. Here’s a link to our website. That isn’t what I want to talk about though (and I have before), what I want to talk about is betrayal, murder, teleportation and the power of the loudest voice in the room.

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To Make a Video Game

I wanna make a video game.

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N vs. Super Meat Boy: Platforms at Dawn

Dude check out how sweet this N fanart is. Click for the deviant art.

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Back Up, Updates, Funny Eyecatching Image, Long Title


As well as the super 100% serious post from earlier today I’ve thrown up some other work from the past little while.  First there’s the Just Playing Archive, which is me waffling on about a variety of games.  Want to read my shit?  Go there!  Want to hire me?  Go there, read it, and if you don’t like it let me know and I’ll do something better for you!  Take a look.

Then there’s the Job Application Repository which is mostly there for me to be able to laugh at myself a bit and maybe to help me improve my job apps, as well as being at least one quality piece of writing (the RPS one is pretty good).  Go ahead.

Maybe more activity will follow.  Maybe it won’t.

Why I Write About Games When I Write About Games

So here’s a piece that’ll hopefully generate a little discussion.

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